Dr. Rohidas' Centre for Minimally Invasive Spine & Neurosurgery
Dr. Rohidas' Centre for Minimally Invasive Spine & Neurosurgery
Dr.Srinivas Rohidas


Name            : Rohidas Shrinivas Mahadeo

Address         : 178, B, Jawahar Nagar, Kolhapur

Date of Birth : August 31st 1962.

Citizenship   : Indian.

Passport Details :

Academic Record:

1. Secondary School Certificate
Name of School  :  Private High School, Kolhapur
2. Higher Secondary School Certificate
Name of School  :  The New College, Kolhapur
3. Under Graduate
Name of College      : Govt. Medical College, Miraj.

Certificate Awarded : Bachelor of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery. (M.B.B.S.) 1985
4. Graduate Studies
Name of College  : Govt.Medical College, Miraj.

Junior Residency  : 

General Surgery   : Jan.86 to June 86 C.P.R. Hospital, Kolhapur

Orthopedics         : July 86 to Dec.86

                          General Hospital, Sangli.

                          Jan.1987 to Jun.1987.

                          Wanless Hospital, Miraj

Date of Registration to

M.S. (Master of Surgery)   : 1st Jan.1987.

Chief Resident in Surgery : 1st July 1987 to 30th June 1989.

Date of Passing M.S         : Oct. 1988 FIRST ATTEMPT.

Thesis of M.S                  : Utility of Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Abdominal Space Occupying Masses.
5. Super Specialty Studies
Name of College      : Seth G.S. Medical College, Bombay.

Name of Hospital;     : K.E.M. Hospital, Parel, Bombay.

Certificate Awarded   : M.Ch. (Neurosurgery)

Date of registration   : 1st July 1989.

Date of Passing M.Ch : Dec. 1991.


6. Teaching Experience : 5 year (till July 1992)

7. Paper Published         : Analysis of Intracranial Neoplasms in
  Patients between the ages 0 to 2 years.

Spinal Endoscopy work

8. Spinal Endoscopy Workshop :

1. ASCICON-2004 POONA, LIVE & CADAVARIC DEMO. OF DESTANDAU'S THECHNIQUE with Dr.Martin Knight - Manchester, Dr. Ruven Gepstein - Israil, Dr. Gore as Co-faculty.

2. LIVE DEMO. AT GOVT. MED. COLLEGE SOLAPUR. Maharashtra Ortho. Association. (CME)

3. LIVE DEMO. WITH DR. DESTANDAU OF LUMBAR & CERVICAL DISCECTOMY at INDORE - National Neurological Conference in December 2004.

4. CADAVERIC DEMO. AT KARACHI - 3rd South Asian Neuro Surgeons Conference in March 2005.


6. Invited speaker at dept. Grand Round on 7th Dec. 2005 at The Centre for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, The St. Luke's Roosevelt hospital Newyork U.S.A.

7. Live and Video Demo. of Destandau's technique at BOSCON 2006, ( Bangalore Ortho. Society) 22 Jan. 2006.

8. Live Demo. Of Destandau's Technique at 9th International Medical and Dental Seminar at Victoria Hospital Seychelles 10th to 14th Feb.2006. SEYCHELLES.

9. Course Co-ordinator- 1st Training Course of Proff. Destandau's Technique for Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy on 21st & 22nd Feb. 2006 along with Dr. Jean Destandau as Course Director held in Kolhapur. Live demo. Hands-on-Plastic models and Video lecture. KOLHAPUR.

10. Live Demo. Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy- NIMHANS,Bangalore - Neurosurgery Update 2006 and Neuroendoscopy Workshop 15th - 17th April 2006.

11. Member Of Scientific Committee, NEUROENDOSCOPY 2007 Paris-Versailles- Fourth World Conference Of The International Study Group Of Neuroendoscopy (ISGNE) and Second World Congress of Endoscopy for Brain, Skull Base And Spine to be held in May 2007 9th to 12th.

12. Live Demo. Post. Cervical Endoscopic Micro-foraminotomy with Destandau's technique, and paper on Percutaneous Anterior Cervical Endoscopic Discectomy technique and Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy - Destandau's technique, -Spine Today 2006 at Coimbtore, 24th, 25th June 2006.

13. Member of AAMISS, Asian Academy of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery.

14. ASSI-SSE Programme- Association of spine surgeon's of India and Spine Society of Europe, 4th to 6th Aug.2006 at Hyderabad.
Cadaveric demo. Of Destandau's technique, participation in Debate Endo. Verses Microscopic technique and Video Presentation of PECD- percutaneous Endoscopic cervical Discectomy.

15. Cadaveric Demo. & Lecture on Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy at Spine 2006 Jaipur 27th - 30th Sept. 2006.

16. Live Demo. Destandau's Endoscopic lumbar discectomy Mumbai- Advanced Spine Course- Bombay Orthopaedics Society, 18th Nov. 2006.

17. Invited Faculty - Practical Course on Neuroendoscopy & Neuronavigation Advanced Course for Experienced Neurosurgeons 30th Nov. - 2nd Dec. 2006 Hannover Nordstadt Hospital, Hannover. Dr. Michael R. Gaab.

18. Invited Faculty - Practical Courses on Neuroendoscopy Neuronavigation, Basic & Advanced Techniques -7th- 9th Dec. 2007, Hannovar. Hannover Nordstadt hospital, Course Director, Dr. Michael R. Gaab.

19. Invited Speaker for 10th National Medical & Dental Seminar at Mahe, Seychelles- talk on cervical Endoscopic Discectomy 10th Feb. 2007.

20. Organising Secretary of 2nd Training course of Proff. Destandau's Technique of Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy with Dr. Destandau at Kolhapur, India on 7th-8th April 2007.

21. Invited International Speaker for 36th Annual meeting of Japanese Society of Spine Surgery & Related Research (JSRS), held in Kanazawa, Japan, on 26th & 27th April 2007.

22. Invited Faculty for, 3rd Spine Symposium at Temple University Philadelphia, USA. May 3-4 th 2007.

23. Live demo. Of Destandau's technique of Lumbar discectomy, at Hazarat Rasool Akram Medical Centre, Endoscopic Surgery Training Centre, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. 11th -12th July 2007.

24. Live demo. Of Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy & workshop at Poona, at VI th Armed forces National Neurosciences Update 2007 & Annual Conference of Society for Neurosciences PUNE (NNUD 2007), 3rd Nov. 2007.

25. Live demo. & lecture, 5th Feyyaz Berkay Days at Istanbul University 5th Nov. 2007, and Live demo. & lecture at Ataturk Hospital Ankara, 7th Nov. 2007, Turkey, on Endoscopic Spine Surgery.

26. Invited faculty 1st International Symposium & Workshop on Micro endoscopic discectomy & nerve root decompression 7th Dec. 2007, Chandigarh. Live surgery, plastic model workshop & lecture.

27. Inviteed Faculty for 4th International Scientific Conference & Live Neurosurgical Workshop at Dhaka, Bangladesh, 29th Feb. - 3rd March 2008. Live demo. Of Destandau's technique of Endoscopic Discectomy, & lecture.

28. Live surgery workshop of Destandau's technique of Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy at Bhubaneshwar, 1st Orisa State Symposium on Endospine on 16th March 2008.

29. Cadaveric Demo. Of endoscopic spine surgery at WFNS (World Federation of Neurosciences ) course Goa, 9th May 2008.

30. 1st Syrian Spine Endoscopic Surgery Symposium & Workshop. 3rd to 8th June 2008, Ministry of Higher education, University of Damascus, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Asad University Hospital, Dept. of Neurosurgery. Live demo. Workshop.

31. 1st Saudi Spine Endoscopic Symposium & Workshop, 10th-11th June, 2008, Jeddah. King Fahad General hospital, Jeddah. Collaboration with Saudi Association of Neurosurgical society. Live demo & workshop.

32. 1st Egyptian Endoscopic Spine workshop of Destandau's technique at Alexandria University & Zagazig University, Egypt. Live demo. & Hands on plastic models. 19th -21st August 2008.

33. Endoscopic Spine Surgery workshop, live demo. CIIMS (Central India Institute Of Medical Sciences.), Nagpur. 11th Jan. 2009.

34. Endoscopic Spine Surgery Workshop, Live surgery, Hands on Plastic Model, 24th -25th Jan 2009, KIMS-( Kempegauda Institute Of Medical Sciences.), Bangalore, Lecture at BOSCON 2009, Bangalore Orthopaedics Society annual conference.

35. Course coordinator- 3rd Training Course of Proff. Destandau's Technique of Endoscopic Lumbar & Cervical Discectomy at Kolhapur, Maharashtra State, India, 7th & 8th Feb. 2009. Dr. Destandau as course director. Live demo. Of endoscopic lumbar & cervical discectomy , hands on plastic models, & lectures.

36. WENMISS ( World Society for Endoscopic, Navigated, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery ), 21st - 23rd May 2009. lecture on tricks & pitfalls in endoscopic spine surgery. Kotakinabalu, Malaysia.

37. 24th May -25 May 2009- Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Lecture & live demonstration of Endoscopic spine surgery. 26 May 2009- Hospital Tunku Ampuan Afzan, Kuala Terengganu. Malaysia.

38. Faculty for 7th International Endoscopic Spine Surgery Course, 18th to 20th June 2009, Bordeaux, France.

39. Faculty for Endoscopic Spine Surgery course at Alexandria University, Egypt, 9th -10th July 2009. Live surgery and hands on plastic models.

40. Faculty - 2nd International Advance Training course of Proff. Destandau's Technique for Endoscopic Cervical & Lumbar Discectomy 13th & 14th Nov. 2009, Chandigarh.

41. Faculty 3rd Annual Neuroupdate, Jabalpur 28th & 29th Nov. 2009. Live demo. Cervical endoscopic discectmy & endoscopic lumbar Discectomy and cadaver demo.

42. Faculty for 2nd Endoscopic spine surgery workshop at Bhubaneshwar, Feb 5th & 6th 2010.

43. Annual event of Soering Germany - lecture - Use of Ultrasonic bone dissector in Minimally invasive spine & neurosurgery. Hamburg, Germany April 14th & 15th 2010. Guest lecture.

44. Faculty for 2nd Endoscopic spine surgery workshop & live surgery 15th to 16th May 2010, UKM, Malaysian spine society Kaulalumpour & Kota Bharu.

45. Live surgery demo of endoscopic spine surgery at KIMS Hubli 5th June 2010, Spine workshop .

46. Faculty for 23rd Annual conference of Pakistan society of neurosurgeons, Sept 24 - 26th 2010. 1st endoscopic spine surgery demo at Rawalpindi Medical college, & cadaveric demo.

47. Organiser of 4th Destandau Training course on Endoscopic spine surgery at Kolhapur 4th to 6th Feb 2011. Live demo of endoscopic lumbar & cervical discectomy & canal decompression with hands on plastic model. Live demo of Ultrasonic bone dissector with hands on cadaver bone.

48. Endoscopic spine surgery live demo at Ongal Andhrapradesh , on 15th May 2011.

49. 1st Exclusive Endospine workshop in Mumbai on Proff . Destandau's technique for endoscopic spine surgery 7th Aug 2011.

50. Faculty for the 9th International Endoscopic Spine course in Merignac Bordeaux France, 5th to 10th October 2011. cadaveric demo & lecture.

51. Faculty for WESS congress & Endospine workshop Chandigarh Feb. 17th to 19th 2012. Cadaver demo Live demo & lectures.

52. Special guest speaker WCMISST 2012 Sao Paulo Brasil , 16th to 18th August 2012 , lecture cervical endoscopic discectomy & canal Decompression, free paper - Ultrasonic bone dissector in minimally Invasive spine surgery.

53. Faculty MINS' meeting 2012 Mackinaw Island USA. Presentation Ultrasonic bone dissector & anterior cervical endoscopic discectomy. 2nd to 5th August 2012.

54. Faculty for WESS - World Endoscopic Spine Society conference workshop 2013 , 4th, 5th & 6th Jan 2013 Bhubaneshwar , India.

55. Faculty ISMISS- International society for Minimally Intervention in Spine Surgery, - 20th & 21st June 2013, Sapporo Japan.

56. Faculty Lunch on Seminar by Soring - Ultrasonic bone dissectors in MISS, WFNS -15th World congress of Neurosurgery 8th -13th Sept 2013 Seoul Korea.

57. Invited Faculty WENMISS 8th - 10th Nov 2013 Delhi - Endoscopic anterior cervical discectomy & cord decompression disc preserving surgery.

58. Invited Faculty for 26th National conference of Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons 29th - 30th Nov 2013 Karachi. Live demo endoscopic spine surgery & lecture.

59. Faculty 4th Trinity Endoscopic Spine & Knee course 7th & 8th Dec 2013 Chandigarh. Live surgery demo of endoscopic spine surgery & lecture.

60. Faculty VI th World Congress of Neuroendoscopy 8th - 11th Dec 2013, Mumbai. Live surgery demo of endoscopic spine surgery at Bombay hospital, Lunch on Seminar Ultrasonic bone dissectors in MISS, Cadaver demo of endoscopic spine surgery at JJ hospital.

61. Faculty NSICON 2013 62nd Annual conference of Neurological Society of India ( NSI ), 12th - 15th Dec 2013 , Mumbai. Lecture endoscopic anterior cervical discectomy & cord decompression a disc preserving surgery.

62. Faculty International Minimally Invasive Spine congress 20th to 22nd March 2014, KL Malaysia, lecture & live surgery demo endoscopic spine surgery lumbar & cervical.

63. Invited Faculty - World Spine 6 by Clevaland clinic USA, 4th to 6th May 2014 Jamaica. Lecture endoscopic anterior cervical discectomy & cord decompression a disc preserving surgery.

64. Speaker 1st Clinical meeting of Neuroendoscopy study group of India 5th June 2014, Bombay hospital, Mumbai. Lecture on endoscopic anterior cervical discectomy & cord decompression a disc preserving surgery.

65. Faculty for Spine 2014, spine conference at Ahmedabad. Live demo of endoscopic canal decompression Destandau's technique & lecture on Anterior cervical endoscopic discectomy. Sept 19th - 21st 2014.

66. Faculty for - Annual AIIMS spine workshop Delhi. Live demo of endoscopic lumbar discectomy, canal decompression & anterior cervical endoscopic discectomy. Lecture on endoscopic cervical approaches & endoscopic lumbar discectomy. Oct 9th - 11th 2014.

67. Guest lecturer International Neurosurgeons conference Tabriz, Iran. Lecture on endoscopic lumbar discectomy & endoscopic cervical approaches.11th - 12th Oct 2014.

68. Faculty for Endospinecon 2014, endoscopic spine surgery at Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute Delhi. Live demo of endoscopic discectomy, canal decompression & thoracic discectomy. Cadaver workshop of Destandau's technique of endoscopic spine surgery. Lecture on anterior cervical endoscopic discectomy. 7th & 8th Nov 2014.

69. Faculty for MISSICON 2014, 1st conference on MISS techniques by MISSI - Association of Minimally invasive Spine Surgeons of India. Cadaver workshop of Destandau's technique & lecture on anterior cervical endoscopic discectomy. 22nd & 23rd Nov 2014.

70. Faculty for NSSICON 2015 Indore, 4th Annual conference of Neurological Surgeons Society of India. Live demo of endoscopic spine surgery with Dr. Destandau & lecture on   "Steep learning curve in MISS & how to flaten it." 27th, 28th Feb & 1st March 2015.

71. Faculty for Spine Endovision 2015, by Sahara Hospital Lucknow, & Lifeline Hospital & Research Centre Azamgad, -- Live & cadaver spine surgery workshop 28th & 29th March 2015. Live demo of endoscopic lumbar & cervical discectomy & cadaver demonstration.

72. Faculty for 13th Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Spine Society ( ISS ), & The 6th International Society of Minimal Intervention in Spine Surgery ( ISMISS ), Indonesia. Live demo of endoscopic spine surgery - Destandau's technique & hands on Plastic model. 14th - 16th May 2015.

73. 3rd Cadaver Hands on Course at CTRF - Cadaver Training Research Facility AIIMS Delhi 2nd to 14th June 2015. Faculty for Minimally invasive Spine & Endoscopy by Destandau's technique on 5th June 2015.

74. Invited Faculty for Spine 2015 conference by Neurospinal association of India 18th to 20th Sept 2015 Goa. Live demo of Anterior cervical endoscopic discectomy by Destanda's technique & lecture.

75. Faculty for 4th ACMISST 2015 Goa, 24th to 27th Sept 2015.

76. IASCON 2015 2nd to 4th Oct 2015 Pattaya, lecture on endoscopic spine surgery.

77. Lunch on seminar in EANS 2015 Madrid 18th to 20th Oct 2015, by Soering, "Ultrasonic bone dissectors in MISS", chair person Dr. Jean Destandau. ( EANS - European association of Neurosurgeons. ).

78. Faculty for MISSICON 2015, 23rd to 25th Oct 2015. Live demo of Endoscopic canal decompression & discectomy by Destandau's technique, & lecture on "Anterior cervical disc preserving surgery with Destandau's technique." Cadaver demo of Destandau's technique.

79. Faculty for Neuroendoscopy 2015 Puerta Vallarta Mexico, 1st to 4th Nov 2015. Lecture on - "Endoscopic excision of SOL - Destandau's technique, Endoscopic Lumbar discectomy".

80. Invited lecture in PASMISS 2015 Daejeon, South Korea, 12 to 14th Nov 2015. Lecture on "Ultrasonic bone dissectors in MISS".

Forthcoming workshops :

1. Faculty for Neuroendoscopy2013 8th, 9th , 10th ,& 11th Dec 20-13 Mumbai. Live demo & cadaver course.

2. Faculty for Congress by Malasian spine socisty & WESS on 20th, 21st & 22nd March 2014. Live demo & cadaver course. Kaula Lumpur Malaysia.

3. Faculty for WCMISST 2014 at Paris, France.

4. Faculty for WESS congress Harare, Zimbabve, 2015.

5. Faculty for WESS congress Cairo, Egypt, 2016.
1. BAGATTEL CLINIC, BORDEAUX, FRANCE under Dr. JEAN DESTANDAU. Lumbar Endo. Discectomy Training in 2002.

2. BAGATTEL CLINIC, BORDEAUX, FRANCE under Dr. DESTANDAU. Cervical Endo. Discectomy Training in 2004.

3. Martin Knight Spinal Foundation, Manchester (U.K.) Training of Laser Endoscopic Foraminoplasty in 2004.

4. Dr. Bambang Darwono Jakarta Indonesia, Training Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty & Vesselplasty .

5. St. Luke's Roosvelt Hospital Manhattan, NY, training in transthoracic Endoscopic Thoracic discectomy Dec.2005.

6. Jho Institute of Minimally Invasive spine and Neurosurgery-Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburg, (USA)-Training in Ant. Cervical Endoscopic Discectomy-Dec.2005.

7. BAGATTEL CLINIC, BORDEAUX, FRANCE under Dr. DESTANDAU. Anterior Cervical Endo. Discectomy Training in 2006.

1. Basic neuroendoscopy training Dr. Pernekzie, Tuttlingen, Germany. In 2002.

2. Neuroendoscopy training Dr. Phillipe Decq, Creteil, Paris, June 2004.

3. Neuroendoscopy-Basics and Advanced training, Dr. M. C. Gaab, Nordstadt Clinic, Hannover Germany, Dec. 2006.

11. NEURO-ENDOSCOPY WORK : Transnasal Endoscopic Pitutory Surgery and Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy.

12. Extracurricular activities---

Kailas Mansarowar Parikrama thrice 1997 , 2005 & 2010. Amarnath trekking in 1998.

Leh Laddakh motorcycle trek - Chandigarh to Leh - Kargil- Jammu - Shrinagar.

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