Recently I Dr Sandeep Mogre from Nagpur was diagnosed as having massive Prolapse Intervertebral disc of L5 S1.
I was having shooting pain of sciatica in my right leg. I had consulted Orthopaedic surgeon and Various Neurosurgeon at Nagpur Central India which is supposed to be having the best of the Health care facilities in India.
The treatment was basically Surgical excision of the disc and I was willing for the Surgery. But the surgical options available in Nagpur were open partial discectomy.
Then I came to know about dr shrinivas rohidas at kolhapur who is doing only endoscopic discectomy.

To my surprise when I took review of his many patients who had undergone the surgery by endoscopic techniques the procedure were uneventful and the post operative complications were minimal and all the patient’s were doing well.
After I got the phone number of Dr shrinivas rohidas from the website I contacted sir on telephone, he was so much humble and cooperative and he asked me to what’s app me the complaints and the MRI reports.

He asked me to come to kolhapur for the consultation and probable surgery.
After consulting dr shrinivas rohidas I came to know that I have come to a appropriate centre and genuine person.
He explained me the procedure and took me to the Surgery.
Dr Shrinivas is a Fantastic Surgeon and a Ace Academician.
He is a blend of Ethics and values.
I was asked to walk on my feets as soon as I came out of Anesthesia.
The shooting pain of my legs disappeared.
I was mobile and next day sir asked me to vitness the same type of surgery of other patient in the operation theatre.
I was discharged the next day as I have to travel around 1000 kilometres from kolhapur and sir adviced me to travel by train.
This is now 3 weeks post op and I am fine and started working lightly after 8 days and after 15 days I started my opd and ipd rounds.
I will recommend all my friends and patient regarding Dr Rohidas Spine and Endoscopic centre

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