I Shivangini Patil am daughter of Mrs. Aparna Patil, who was recently operated by Dr Shrinivas Rohidas. We really had a good experience so I want to express my ‘thank you’ to Dr. Rohidas by writing a review on his blog; I would really appreciate your help to post it asap on his website.

“Amazing job by Dr Shrinivas Rohidas”

I would like to offer my heartfelt million thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care and treatment my Mother received during her stay at Dr Rohidas’s centre for minimally invasive spine and Neurosurgery.

Not only is he a skilled Surgeon but also a wonderful person. He tries his best to make patient understand about their health and ways to get through it in a calming atmosphere.
All my family members on the very first visit were so impressed with the knowledge and expertise offered by Dr. Rohidas. After having Endoscopic surgery My Mom is completely healed and is now able to live life to the fullest. I am so thankful for his many gifts to our family.

The toughest fact one has to face, living in America, is the huge distance it creates with your loved ones but I was very lucky to have Dr. Rohidas and he allowed me to watch the surgery by Live video conference; what a technological advancement! I’m truly speechless!

Words can’t express my positive experience at his office.
Honest, friendly, warm, caring, professional are just couple of adjectives that pop in my content mind.

Dr Rohidas you really are an extraordinary person. We need more Surgeons like you in Kolhapur!
Thank you so much for everything you do everyday to make people happy!!

I highly recommend Dr. Rohidas and feel his hospital is a top notch!!

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